Bruce Ingalls - 2009-04-01

Thanks for  for this great product. I hope you can help explain to system administrators and users, so that we know that we are using it properly, and smart ways to tune it.

It will help to know, where *not* to use preload. Does it affect anticipatory paging?
I believe that modern unixes like to start up programs straight into swap/page space, rather than RAM. I forget the name of this tunable feature (~cache prefetch?). Does preload affect this?

Why is preload not enabled by default? Because it is not yet production 1.0?
It sounds like preload is not useful for diverse multiuser systems, such as servers, but more for repeatable single user desktop environments?

It seems that the similar XP Superfetch
does not have an equivalent for Windows servers.

I appreciate that preload has a manpage, and an easy-to-read conf file in the obvious /etc/ directory.
However, the manpage is sparse, and lacks examples. For example, what is a <b>statefile</b> good for, and how is it formatted?