strubby - 2013-04-03

I have implemented a demo inherited from Prefuse GraphView by add some functions.
So here most of my needs are about GraphView demo. Thank you for all of the confusing and helpful friends. I have benifit a lot from your questions and answers.
After these days, I have successfully fulfill the following things:
Multi-edges between two nodes for multi-relations,  edge labels, directed graph, weighted graph by different thickness of the edges, node with differenet shapes and colors, different node size, patrial nodes with images, distance filter, ContainSearchTupleSet, highlight the graph items when meeting specified conditions, dynamically add and delete nodes and edges and etc.
I really appreciate Bjorns' demo delivered by , I have benefit a lot from the examples.
But I still leave some questions unsolved, for example the integrated functions.
After a period of studying on this forum, I felt regretful for not openning the PAP forum and  due to unknown problems.
I have tried opening the url some places around me and all results in failure, and then I ask help from a foreign friend and he can open the latter url.
So I hope some kind-hearted prefusians could offer your download examples and I wold be very thankful for your help.
I really need your help to advance my work for the bottleneck time now. Thank you very much.
My e-mail: