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  • strubby

    strubby - 2013-03-29

    After studying in this forum ,I found a lot useful information about re-development with Prefuse. However, I still lose a lot of information due to not open the following URL you had for your signature in the old times. Or else anyone know how to search for these resources? I will appreciate for all of your reply.
    Get the big picture of prefuse at: http://prefuse.blogspot.com/
    More (custom) prefuse examples at: http://goosebumps4all.net/34all/bb/forumdisplay.php?fid=18

  • Björn Kruse

    Björn Kruse - 2013-03-29

    Hmm, http://prefuse.blogspot.de/ is still online (the .com redirects me to the .de site).

    The "prefuse assitance pool" (pap) is in fact down. Martin explained that in a post somewhere here, but can't remember the link.

    I just can offer you http://home.arcor.de/gutn8/prefuse/ where I backuped the examples I created for pap.

    The best way of learning prefuse is (still) the existing documentation (despite not being 100% complete, it gives lots of inside). Then go over to the demos that come with prefuse, the code is easy to read and documented.
    Over that, this forum has lots of discussions where your searches should lead you to.

    hope that helps,


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