Reduce node move

  • Lucky

    Lucky - 2013-10-05

    I created graph and provided controls for different settings (spring coefficient, length, gravity...) but it still seems like nodes are moving too much in place. Is there a way to reduce this "in place" movements?

  • Björn Kruse

    Björn Kruse - 2013-10-05

    Do the nodes flicker-move, but in average stay on their position?
    Or do they drift away from each other?
    Regards, Björn

  • Lucky

    Lucky - 2013-10-06

    Hi Björn,
    they just flicker in their position.


  • Björn Kruse

    Björn Kruse - 2013-10-07

    I have not much experience with Force Directed Layout FDL, but I think this is solvable through configuration. One of the demos has this FDL config panel, where you get exactly this effect when playing with the values.

    Or maybe you can solve it by reducing the number of items currently displayed?

    Best regards,

  • Lucky

    Lucky - 2013-10-08

    You are right, Björn,

    when I display smaller number of nodes everything works fine, but with lot of nodes, sometimes it behaves strange. I did provide a FDL config panel and that makes things better... I guess that's the way how it works...



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