codare - 2011-07-13


Thanks to all who still keep FUSE alive - I love what it does and how it works. Also, great to see the new stuff at github.

And yes, up front, the usual sort of 'fessing up that even though I first met FUSE and AS3 a fair while ago, I still don't know them as the good friends I hope they will become in time, but generally we get on pretty well and have experienced few good times together… mostly via the help here and the examples at FLAP.

That's why, after hours and even days of searching through the forum and the web I have come seeking help.

I have a ForceDirectedLayout graph that works pretty much the way I want it to, loading json data generated "live-ish" from a mySQL data base. Each graph node has some images (png format) attached as children.  I can get the flare.vis.controls.ClickControl to work but only on the node and ALL Children at the one time.

What I want to do and haven't been able to achieve despite several days of on and off searching and trial and error is I want the ClickControl to apply to only ONE of the children. For example click on the expand image (attached to node as a child) to expand, click on the "add a node" image (once again, a child of the node) to go to a URL that allows user to add new node info to the mySQL database.

It's probably all very simple and I'm probably missing something obvious, that's why I ask for your collective eyes to help shed some light on this issue.

Many Thanks in Advance,