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[4ef568] by Gustavo Niemeyer Gustavo Niemeyer

- Fixing annoying warnings.

2004-02-14 00:31:13 Tree
[3d927e] by Gustavo Niemeyer Gustavo Niemeyer

- Fixed #853061: allow BZ2Compressor.compress() to receive an empty string
as parameter.

2004-02-14 00:02:45 Tree
[76c813] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

Lists are measured in elements not bytes.

2004-02-13 21:50:27 Tree
[239443] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

further testing indicates that the simplified version of the test
(re-using an existing test object class) no longer triggered the
original segfault when the fix was backed out; restoring the local
test object class to make the test effective

the assignment of the ref created at the end does not affect the test,
since the segfault happended before weakref.ref() returned; removing
the assignment

2004-02-13 19:21:57 Tree
[6b7b2c] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

* Note list optimizations
* Move an example out of a comment.

2004-02-13 19:00:07 Tree
[58d5ed] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

Optimize list.pop() for the common special case of popping off the end.
More than doubles its speed.

2004-02-13 18:36:31 Tree
[bd0acc] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

* Optimized list appends and pops by making fewer calls the underlying system
realloc(). This is achieved by tracking the overallocation size in a new
field and using that information to skip calls to realloc() whenever

* Simplified and tightened the amount of overallocation. For larger lists,
this overallocates by 1/8th (compared to the previous scheme which ranged
between 1/4th to 1/32nd over-allocation). For smaller lists (n<6), the
maximum overallocation is one byte (formerly it could be upto eight bytes).
This saves memory in applications with large numbers of small lists.

* Eliminated the NRESIZE macro in favor of a new, static list_resize function
that encapsulates the resizing logic. Coverting this back to macro would
give a small (under 1%) speed-up. This was too small to warrant the loss
of readability, maintainability, and de-coupling.

* Some functions using NRESIZE had grown unnecessarily complex in their
efforts to bend to the macro's calling pattern. With the new list_resize
function in place, those other functions could be simplified. That is
being saved for a separate patch.

* The ob_item==NULL check could be eliminated from the new list_resize
function. This would entail finding each piece of code that sets ob_item
to NULL and adding a new line to invalidate the overallocation tracking
field. Rather than impose a new requirement on other pieces of list code,
it was preferred to leave the NULL check in place and retain the benefits
of decoupling, maintainability and information hiding (only PyList_New()
and list_sort() need to know about the new field). This approach also
reduces the odds of breaking an extension module.

(Collaborative effort by Raymond Hettinger, Hye-Shik Chang, Tim Peters,
and Armin Rigo.)

2004-02-13 11:36:39 Tree
[2e62fc] by Hye-Shik Chang Hye-Shik Chang

We have cp932 support in standard distribution now. And there's now
no major codepages unsupported by Python, so remove the eg. case.

2004-02-13 07:14:13 Tree
[ee44be] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

use existing test object instead of defining a new class

2004-02-12 19:30:17 Tree
[15600a] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

minor markup improvements

2004-02-12 18:13:12 Tree
[71a294] by Walter D?rwald Walter D?rwald

Replace backticks with repr() or "%r"

From SF patch #852334.

2004-02-12 17:35:32 Tree
[545229] by Michael W. Hudson Michael W. Hudson

This is my patch #876198 plus a NEWS entry and a header frob.

Remove the ability to use (from C) arbitrary objects supporting the
read buffer interface as the co_code member of code objects.

2004-02-12 15:28:27 Tree
[5bedba] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

fix minor markup error: \code{for} --> \keyword{for}

2004-02-12 14:35:18 Tree
[106fa9] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

SF 895560: minor typo

2004-02-12 09:50:42 Tree
[718648] by Skip Montanaro Skip Montanaro

need to initialize ob_type slot at run-time, at least on cygwin

2004-02-10 20:27:40 Tree
[354129] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

add support for \e to the {alltt} environment

2004-02-10 18:30:22 Tree
[1f5f6c] by Neal Norwitz Neal Norwitz

SF #894428, fix typo

2004-02-10 18:07:16 Tree
[2abc52] by Skip Montanaro Skip Montanaro

remove support for missing ANSI C header files (limits.h, stddef.h, etc).

2004-02-10 16:50:21 Tree
[eb48b2] by Skip Montanaro Skip Montanaro

Fix indentation error in testGetServByName and rewrite loop to avoid clumsy
sentinel variable

2004-02-10 15:51:15 Tree
[59538d] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

Make reversed() transparent with respect to length.

2004-02-10 09:33:39 Tree
[14f860] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

Give itertools.repeat() a length method.

2004-02-10 09:25:40 Tree
[75dcf2] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

the \file macro is no longer a good example of where \e can't be used

2004-02-09 21:00:29 Tree
[51c3d4] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

support \e in \file and \filenq; this is useful for Windows paths

2004-02-09 20:58:08 Tree
2004-02-09 13:23:34 Tree
[fef9f2] by Thomas Heller Thomas Heller

Documentation for PyDescr_NewClassMethod was missing - here's at least
the function prototype.

Already backported to release23-maint.

2004-02-09 10:47:11 Tree
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