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First version which runs an install-script (specified by the

--install-script ... command line option to bdist_wininst) at the end
of the installation and at the start of deinstallation. Output
(stdout, stderr) of the script (if any) is displayed in the last
screen at installation, or in a simple message box at deinstallation.

sys.argv[1] for the script will contain '-install' at installation
time or '-remove' at deinstallation time.

The installation script runs in an environment (embedded by the
bdist_wininst runtime) where an additional function is available as

create_shortcut(path, description, filename,
[arguments[, workdir[, iconpath, iconindex]]])

Recreated this file after source changes.

Thomas Heller Thomas Heller 2002-02-20

changed Lib/distutils/command/
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