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Screenshots on home page

Uploaded a few screenshots to the project home page.

Also included is a sample deck xml file.

Posted by Ben Hart 2004-06-18

Prefect 0.0.1 Released!

Download the first pre-alpha release of prefect...

- Improved Library !! (Deck generator)
- Added Filter to improve usability.
- Note, the Set filter list allows multi-select(Ctrl key)
- Added "Import Expansion" (current up to FifthDawn!)
- Uses Windows L&F when running on windows.
- Fixed lots of bugs.

Known Problems:

- Old deck files will not import.
- sorry about that, you'll have to create new deck files.
- Rarity filter only works with new expansions (DarkSteel and up)
- data problem, still needs some work.
- Some of the sets are not filtered correctly
- Revised has some missed cards.
- Fourth Edition has some incorrect cards.
- Some special chars cause crash when entered in Filter.... read more

Posted by Ben Hart 2004-06-12