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PrEd Installer

I've made an installer, using IzPack 3. IzPack is a Java installer suite, which should work on a variety of platforms. To be honest, for now, I've just tested it on Windows.
The PrEd installer has been added to the File releases as of today!


Posted by D. Palomo van Es 2004-09-13

PrEd project goes beta

After a few days of testing and bug fixing, I can proudly anounce that PrEd is going beta.

Next to some more extensive testing, I want to add two features to PrEd, before I make it a stable version:
1. Better Unix support. I need to do extensive testing on a couple of *NIX systems.
2. Add a (Java-based) installation program to install PrEd.

Posted by D. Palomo van Es 2004-09-12

PrEd 1.2 <stable>

I have been testing PrEd the last few days, quite extensively. I hope to promote the current version with a few fixes to version 1.2 pretty soon.
An interesting fix in the 1.2 release will be the help page fix. Which help page? You might ask. Well, exactly. It was missing, but it will be part of the stable release version (1.2) of PrEd.

Posted by D. Palomo van Es 2004-09-10

PrEd version 1.2 alpha released

PrEd version 1.2 alpha has been released. The main feature of this release is the nested archive support. JAR, WAR and SAR files within an EAR file can now be edited.

Some small user interface changes have been made:
- Icons added to the menus.
- Property files changed are made bold.
- XML and property files have now icons.

Posted by D. Palomo van Es 2004-09-05

PrEd version 1.2 is almost here

Most of the development has been completed on the new version of PrEd - the Java property files editor. This version has had a GUI facelift and does have nested archive support. Nested archive support comes in really handy for EAR deployments.

Posted by D. Palomo van Es 2004-09-04

PrEd Web Site Online

The PrEd web site has gone live. It can be found at
The documentation on this web site reflects the latest version: 1.1-alpha.


Daniel Palomo van Es.

Posted by D. Palomo van Es 2004-08-01

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