PrEd and command line

  • Is there a way to launch PrEd and pass it the file to be edited on the command line?


    "C:\Program Files\PrEd\PrEd.bat" "D:\"


    I am trying to use PrEd from Eclipse "External tools". I can pass the selected file name out to the command line, but PrEd appears to be ignoring the value.

    Any ideas?

    After looking at the code it looks like the args are just completely ignored... I guess there is no support for this feature at this time. To Bad, it would be a nice thing to have.

    • Mmm, good idea. I'll consider it in a new version.



    • It will be available in version <1.2 stable>.
      This version will be available this week. The code is now in CVS. I'll try to build a release this week.