#26 Original doom bug (?): Archvile's targets oblivious?


One of the little details I noticed in original Doom II
was: When Archviles get mad at a monster that hurt
them and blast it, the monster doesn't counterattack.
I noticed this once on a map where a Spider
Mastermind was repeatedly blasted by an Archvile
and never shot back. The archvile blast does 70
explosive (rocket/barrel) damage and 20 direct
damage, so the Spider (being immune to all radius
damage "explosions" along with the Cyberdemon) is
taking very little (only the direct 20) damage from
each attack. (At this rate, it would take the Archvile
150 blasts to kill a healthy Spider...) But it is still
taking some damage, so you'd think it would like to
I've also noticed monsters with high pain thresholds
(especially the Archvile, which has the lowest stun
chance in the game) often get hit by friendly fire
repeatedly before getting mad at the other monster
responsible. I consider this more of a feature than a
bug, though. It seems to make sense they might
ignore such things in combat, until they get hit hard
enough to catch their attention. =)


  • Colin Phipps

    Colin Phipps - 2004-08-29

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    True. Doom has always been thsi way. It's one of those
    oddities of the game that have become part of the game -
    like lost souls being blocked by loot on the ground.

  • Colin Phipps

    Colin Phipps - 2004-08-29
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