3 simple questions

  • oatse

    oatse - 2005-07-27

    First off, thumbs up for the developer of this outstanding windows port.

    Question 1: Everytime I walk close to a wall in prBoom (software mode) FPS drops to almost 0 if resolution is set to 1024x768 (doesn't happen in lower modes and I'm not able to test it in higher ones since my monitor won't handle'em). Notice this ain't an issue in other software-based Doom engines such as Zdoom. Why does it happen?, how to prevent it?.

    Question 2: I can't seem to disable the back/foward movements for the mouse, which I exclusively use for firing and turning left or right. This problem is extremely annoying, I had to cease using the port because I couldn't stand the "double-walking" product of having both keyboard and mouse trying to move doomguy at the same time. Can I disable this?, how?.

    Question 3:

    Music is playing in mono, how come?, what should I do to get it playing in stereo?.

    Best Regards.


    - P4 2.6ghz
    - 1024ram
    - Geforece FX6600 256mb + up to date forceware drivers.
    -Windows XP Pro + SP1
    - DirectX 9.0c
    - Overally optimized system (no garbage running in background, no viruses, no spyware, a well defragged HD with more than 90gb of free spac, etc, etc)

    • Graham Burgess

      Graham Burgess - 2005-07-31

      Re Q1: No idea. I normally use glboom.exe, and if I use prboom.exe, it's normally with 640x480. But I've just tested with 1024x768, and don't have any problems of the type you describe. If there is a slowdown when close to a wall, it's marginal.

      Re Q2: You can set vertical mouse sensitivity to zero either via the menus or by editing the cfg file:
      mouse_sensitivity_vert        0

      Re Q3: It sounds like you need to download a newer version of the SDL mixer version (1.2.6). You can get it here: http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_mixer/
      It is also included with Andrey Budko's modified PrBoom (http://www.geocities.com/e6y/doom.html).


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