Intermittent 2.4.5 hangs on Linux?

frater mus
  • frater mus

    frater mus - 2006-11-28

    2.4.5 is the most recent PrBoom package available on my distro (Debian).  When I run prboom I get a 1-second hang about every 90 seconds or so. This happens with the freedoom iwad, the doom2 iwad, and 3rd party wads (no diference).

    when I network with another box on my LAN using prboom-game-server my hang causes the other box to hang, too. 

    My workstation exhibits no hangs like this during any other operations/applications.  I saw no good leads in  Any ideas for compatibility switches I should be trying?

    • Florian Schulze

      Florian Schulze - 2006-11-28

      There are bugs in the sound code which might cause this, they should be fixed in 2.4.6.

    • frater mus

      frater mus - 2006-11-28

      cool, thanks. 

      The Dear Wife and I played about 2hrs of co-op tonite after dinner.  Lots of fun!

    • J. Caldwell

      J. Caldwell - 2006-11-28

      I had issues with 2.4.6 that went away with 2.4.7, I'd have weird startup crashes or prboom would cause strange symptoms on other programs that use sound.

      Changes from v2.4.6 to v2.4.7
      - Fixed comp_soul and comp_maskedanim options not actually being optional.
      - Fixed searching for IWAD/prboom.wad (bugs #1585185, #1585600)
      - Multiple sound crash fixes (bugs #1577495, #1586800)
      - Fix for previously introduced HOM error
      - Fix frame numbering problem in MBF dehacked patches (bug #1576151)

      • Florian Schulze

        Florian Schulze - 2006-11-28

        Ups, yeah I meant 2.4.7.


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