I got PRBoom! Wow! What a nice port! It actually plays the original demos of the game(s), which is something I've always missed in other ports. It also looks great and performs as smooth as running-water!  :D  GZDoom should look and perform so well (not to mention the compatability-factor)!

I'm having a bit of trouble with it though, putting it through the config-/tweak-works....

I'm using the GLBoom (for the mouse-look--looking up & down) and want to use the arrow keys ONLY--not mouse-controls--for movement: Left- & Right-Arrow to strafe left & right respectively, Shift to run; Left Mouse-Button to fire, Right Mouse-Button to use, Left Mouse Thumb-Button ("MB4"?) to toggle the Automap, Mouse-Wheel Up for next weapon, and Mouse-Wheel Down for previous weapon.

I couldn't seem to make all of these things in the port's Menu. I took a look at the .CFG file and made a few changes for the mouse-sensitivity because I was looking around waaaay too fast, but couldn't make enough sense out of the rest of it to make the above changes.

Can you help? Thx! I think I like this port hehehehe