No mouselook?

  • Rekrul

    Rekrul - 2006-09-10

    Does PRBoom support a mouselook option?

    Call me crazy, but I consider Doom games unplayable with the original mouse control. Crossing any kind of narrow walkway is virtually impossible because the slightest sideways mouse movement and you fall off. I can't imagine trying to play Heretic & Hexen with their water and air currents.

    I understand that PRBoom is supposed to be a faithful port of the Doom engine, but surely along with the other improvements (higher resolution, etc) a mouselook option would be a welcome addition.

    I downloaded PRBoom mostly because I wanted to play the Aliens Total Conversion and I can't seem to make it work properly in Doomsday. Unfortunately, even if it does work correctly in PRBoom, I won't be able to play it with the control as-is.

    • J. Caldwell

      J. Caldwell - 2006-10-16

      No it doesn't. Doom is not true 3D and PRboom is meant to be the most compatible engine to the original doom while quashing bugs and adding some features.

      There are other engines that add mouselook, jumping etc.


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