Does prboom compile on MacOSX?

  • ununquadium

    ununquadium - 2006-03-22

    I have tried to compile prboom on macosx, but I had no success, is there a binary to download or a documentation that tells you how to compile prboom? I am asking because according to the doom wiki, prboom is a sourceport that works on macosx. Link:

    • Neil Stevens

      Neil Stevens - 2006-03-28

      I've been working on that off and on the last few weeks.  I now have a build that mostly works, though it's somewhat crash-prone and has a couple minor display glitches in the UI.

      If you want to build it you need Rake and GNU Arch.  Details available on request.

    • ununquadium

      ununquadium - 2006-03-29

      It would be wonderful if prboom would work on macosx. Along with chocolate-doom this would mean that nearly everything doom related would work on macs.

      I will try out Rake and GNU Arch, thanks for the info!

      It would be cool if you could upload the binary you compiled to rapidshare for example so that I can test it.

      Thank you anyway for answering!

    • Neil Stevens

      Neil Stevens - 2006-03-29

      Alright, once you have Rake and Arch, you need to register the archive which is available at

      Then you just need to to check out

      Then go into the src directory and run rake.  Of course, you'll also need SDL libraries installed.

    • Neil Stevens

      Neil Stevens - 2006-03-29

      Alright, I've fixed the big UI bug (skull and 1s not showing up) in my latest tree, but there are at least two outstanding crashs/corruptions that need fixed before this can be released:

      1. If you restart the game, monsters (and possibly items) get messed up, showing up in the wrong place and maybe with the wrong state.  Restart enough times, and you crash.

      2. Start the game and let it run a while.  Eventualy, it crashes.  I need to get music output working in order to see if it's possibly caused by a restart in the music track.

    • Neil Stevens

      Neil Stevens - 2006-03-31

      Here's a thread I've created discussing the latest situation, now that I've put my work into the main subversin repository.


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