Added feature to prboom-2.2.3

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I added a feature to prboom-2.2.3.
    I have played a lot of doom using prboom.  When I play a map, I like to find everyting worth finding on the map.  I usutally turn on the HUD so that I can tell if I have found everything, but sometimes it is hard to tell where that pesky last countable item is.  The iddt iddt map does not help with this because there are always hundreds of corpses, decorator items, or unneeded ammo items left after covering the entire map.  To fixt this I simply made a little 3-line change to am_map.c which shows all countable items in a different color from the other items.  With this change the iddt iddt map shows exactly where the remaining countable items are.  Below is the diff text to add this change to prboom-2.2.3.  Remove the lines of dashes above and below the text.  I don't know if the message window had corrupted the actual line length or not.  I will also look for an email address so I can post this update in a proper attachment.
    <         t->flags & MF_FRIEND && !t->player ? mapcolor_frnd : mapcolor_sprt,
    >       t->flags & MF_FRIEND && !t->player ? mapcolor_frnd : \ >         // bbm 2/28/03 Show countable items in yellow.
    >           t->flags & MF_COUNTITEM ? mapcolor_ykey : mapcolor_sprt,

    • Colin Phipps

      Colin Phipps - 2003-03-01

      Nice feature idea. I've created an enhanced version of the patch, and placed it in the patch tracker here on sourceforge. My version just adds a new config file variable to control the colour, so it can be set independently of _ykey. I'll forward-port this and include it in the development version too at some point.

    • Barry Mead

      Barry Mead - 2003-03-04

      Can you email me a diff of what you changed so I can put it back into my source?

      Sincerely,  Barry Mead <  (original poster of this feature)

    • Barry Mead

      Barry Mead - 2003-03-05

      Colin,  I visited you patch tracker page and got the changes you made.  I added one more to put the countable items sprite color on the automap setup menu.

      <   {"crosshair"                      ,S_COLOR ,m_null,AU_X,AU_Y+ 6*8, {"mapcolor_hair"}},
      <   {"single player arrow"            ,S_COLOR ,m_null,AU_X,AU_Y+ 7*8, {"mapcolor_sngl"}},
      <   {"your colour in multiplayer"     ,S_COLOR ,m_null,AU_X,AU_Y+ 8*8, {"mapcolor_me"}},
      >   {"countable item sprite"          ,S_COLOR ,m_null,AU_X,AU_Y+ 6*8, {"mapcolor_item"}},        // mead 3/4/2003
      >   {"crosshair"                      ,S_COLOR ,m_null,AU_X,AU_Y+ 7*8, {"mapcolor_hair"}},
      >   {"single player arrow"            ,S_COLOR ,m_null,AU_X,AU_Y+ 8*8, {"mapcolor_sngl"}},
      >   {"your colour in multiplayer"     ,S_COLOR ,m_null,AU_X,AU_Y+ 9*8, {"mapcolor_me"}},


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