#95 please add common Windows installation paths to the IWAD search path


Hi Andrey,

as the subject line sugggests, it would be great if prboom-plus could find IWADs installed into common Windows install directories by itself. Adding support for this basically means copying lines 82-351 from chocolate-doom's src/d_iwad.c over into prboom-plus' source code.

  • Fabian

PS: I would have provided a patch myself, but I do only have very limited access to Windows machines, let alone with a compiler installed.


  • Valhalla

    Valhalla - 2014-11-04

    Isn't that why the DOOMWADDIR environment variable exists?

  • Fabian Greffrath

    Not exactly. That variable exists so that the user can explicitely specify where to look for IWADs. What I want is the engine to look in some more locations without the user having to point it there.


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