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Prahita / News: Recent posts

Masterpiece Uni Sans 0.7 is now available

Myanmar Unicode font, Masterpiece Uni Sans 0.7, to be used with mymr-pangomod is now available for download. A few changes in this release are as follows
- License change to OFL
- Development of OT rules in otcomp dropped and rework all rules in FontForge.
(To eliminate build requirement of otcomp in fedora)
- Compiled font is released in separate package from source package.

Great news is Mac OS X (AAT) support will be added in next release.... read more

Posted by Tin Myo Htet 2010-11-10

Release: mymr-pangomod-0.8.0

mymr-pangomod-0.8.0 has been released along with ubuntu 10.04 and fedora 14 packages. After 0.7.0 release of Unicode 5.1, it is the first release available for fedora packages.

Please visit the Sourceforge project website to download and hope to get bug reports and feedbacks from Myanmar Community...

Prahita OpenSource Project aims for enabling Myanmar Unicode in OpenSource Softwares. The development may include Libraries, Fonts and Other utilities.

Posted by Tin Myo Htet 2010-11-10

Relase: Mossix (Myanmar OSS LInuX) LiveCD

This is the realease of Mossix (Myanmar OSS LInuX) LiveCD for historical reason. It is not for production, only for demonstration purpose, comes with absolutely no warranty and provided "as is". Please also note that it's no longer developed/maintained/supported but planned for further version under different name may be same as project.

It is based on Gentoo-2004.2 and features the following applications and uses m17n library and pango with m17n module released in Myanmar OSS Enabling Kit CD by Myanmar NLP Reserach Center for support of Myanmar Unicode-
*Gnome 2.6.2 ( with Excellent Lila Theme (
*Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 ( patched with pango support
*Gedit 2.6.2 (
*SCIM 1.2.1 ( with scim-m17n- for Input
*m17n-lib and m17n-db 1.1.0 (
*Pango 1.6.0 ( with m17n module (activated for only Myanmar script)
*Gcalctool 4.3.51 ( - ui not translated
*Gthumb 2.2.1 ( - ui not translated
*Gtranslator 1.1.5 ( used for translations in this LiveCD - ui not translated... read more

Posted by Tin Myo Htet 2006-08-16

mymr-pangomod Packages for Ubuntu Dapper(6.06) Now Available

Since the release of Myanmar Pango Module 0.6.0, I haven't received any feedbacks so far as it's available only as source package and so decided to release binary packages for major distributions. Here is the first attempt for Ubuntu Dapper (6.06) and packages for other distributions like Fedora Core will follow.

This is 0.6.0-0ubuntu1 for mymr-pangomod and 0.4-0ubuntu1 for ttf-masterpiece which includes only Masterpiece Uni Sans at the moment. Packages are designed to function on Ubuntu Dapper (6.06) and may work on Debian and other Debian-based distributions.... read more

Posted by Tin Myo Htet 2006-08-16

Myanmar Pango Module 0.6.0 released

After an in-house development and testing over 7 months, I've decided to release Myanmar Pango Module 0.6.0 to the public. This release marks a major milestone for Prahita OpenSource Project as it is the first release by the project. mymr-pangomod package is released as only source package at the moment and includes Shaper Engine for Myanmar Script as well as Language Engine capable of very basic breaking.... read more

Posted by Tin Myo Htet 2006-05-24