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Completly rewritten and enhanced Version online

I was able to develop and improve ppqwiki during my "Studienarbeit". I included References, Wiki2OneDok, improved the WebServer (stability and security) and improved the freemind interface. As a prove of concept the whole documentation and thesis is written in PPQwiki and can be downloaded via examples.

Posted by mExx 2006-08-10

Unix problems

Solved the problems when running under unix by patching GetSettings and the pathes.

Be careful using old my.ini files a new section is available yet:


Posted by mExx 2005-04-21

New Release 20050417

i used the weekend to implement the possibilite to split flat files (like large documents) into differtent wiki pages. And to join (merge) them later, cause sometimes it is easier to edit a flat file instead of climbing up and down the tree like an ape.

Backups are genereated every time a file is modified.

Links with whitespaces are allowed. Be careful using special characters.

Have fun und post bugs.... read more

Posted by mExx 2005-04-17