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Minor new release of ppProf available

The directory structure has been modified to put all files needed at runtime in one directory.

There's a new option to just count method calls (rather than to time them). With this option, you can get a first overview of what our app does, at moderate cost (without the need to exclude packages from profiling).
The homepage contains examples of the overhead caused in various cases.

Posted by awo_net 2006-06-25

First release available for download

Release 0.1 of ppprof is available for download.
Any feedback is welcome.

Posted by awo_net 2006-06-18

First release expected 06/18/2006

After the project has been approved, I plan to make a first release available on the next weekend, i.e. 06/18/2006.
It will include experimental support for multithreaded applications.

Posted by awo_net 2006-06-13