PPlayer 0.9.5 beta released

Warning! Some mayor bugfixes incoming ;)
Due to the fact that soo many people helped me developing this version I was able to fix more bugs than in any other version. So thanks to everybody contributing PPlayer! Stay tuned ;)
For those who think “uhm yeah I want to help developing PPlayer too” the new version has a fitting plugin for you.
Its called BugReport and actually carries a list of links to the Tracker of PPlayer @ Sourceforge.

But the most important new feature is the PluginSystem. Its introduced in this version and ready for testing.

It comes with a list showing the plugins available and giving some information about them.
Doubleclicking a plugin will display more detailed information in the edit below.
Checking/Unchecking a plugin will enable or disable. Plugins will automatically be downloaded if they don’t exist.

I said that I fixed many bugs in this new version. Here’s a list of them:

1. Links writeable on SongView-Tab
The user was able to change the links. That wasn’t intended to be possible.
2. Chinese OS error
3. Playlist scrolling (not approved)
4. SongInfodisplay showing strange timeinfo
5. PPlayer playing next song but showing info of last song
6. Smoother startup due to saving some inputs from PHP-Backend
7. Readded “Offline”- Msg for SongView

At the end of the list of changes I want to announce the I modified the time requiered before a song rating is increased and its “heard” that means its counted in the statistic.
In earlier it needed 50% of the time played. Now its 83,33%.

Note: This version is not available through the Updater because its still flagged as beta. Its working but not stable. I recommend using this version due to the significant bugfixes.

Have fun,

Posted by Pascal257 2007-12-10

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