PPlayer 0.9 released

PPlayer is a media player offering many amazing features. It combines Podcasts,Streaming and an intuitive musicsearch in a user designed interface.
Just started its able to play nonstop music without any input from the user. It analyses the current song and searches in the database for a song matching the parameters of the user.
This search is highly optimizeable for the user from its own interface also holding a manual search input.

The new major release version 0.9 introduces some interesting features:
The top position of the long list of changes got the revived design. In early days of PPlayer the interface looked really boring, but now the users get some utils to make their own interface:
0.9 goes along with 20 Skins which can be easily enhanced and be made available by and for the community. Furthermore the user is able to change the position of the controls on the interface.
For example some users could like a bigger cover display. They can easily change the size of the cover label and then also submit their change to the community.
If a skin or kxf (Interfacechange) is accepted by the community it may reach the top position of the list and thus default skin. An intelligent algorithm makes this possible.
Someone installing PPlayer will now download the best skin during the installation. If they dislike the skin they can just change the skin.

The next important features is the statistic in the 0.9 package. It creates tables using information logged by a database to inform the user of his music behavior.
The development of PPlayer is actually implementing a feature called "AutoMode" or "24/7-playing":
It uses the statistic to optimize the search automatically.

PPlayer - SongView takes the collected information and creates a profile for the user. This profile can be implemented into a blogpost or a forum-signature and will inform the reader of the current song played or the behavior of the user.
This is useful in little communities, where just everybody's friends or in topic related forums (Band forums, Music forums, Genre forums etc...)

Each change can be taken from the change log and each feature of PPlayer with a description can be found on the wiki.

Have fun testing and enjoying PPlayer,

Posted by Pascal257 2007-11-07

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