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Python PyGame Tower Defense / News: Recent posts

Move to Alpha

I just released version 0.3.0, and have changed the project status to Alpha. Made some major updates, but the best news of all: I'm getting feedback from people! Yes, people are actually playing and testing! Also, want to give a shout-out to our first member mar77i, thanks for joining!

Posted by Austin Morgan 2009-10-11

0.2.6 Lots of changes

Extra tower levels, movelist file, enemy traits, and more! Check it out!

Posted by Austin Morgan 2009-10-08

A few more changes

I've decided to go for 800x600 resolution and it's turning out to be a great choice, I think. Paths are now visible. Squares are gone! (Mostly.) Movelist is simplified, and deselecting towers to place implemented.

Posted by Austin Morgan 2009-10-07

Screen sizing sort-of working

Some asked on to get screen sizing working (1440x900's a little big), so I have preliminary screen sizing up and running. Widths 1440 and 1280 work quite well.

Posted by Austin Morgan 2009-10-06

First Public Release

V0.2.1 is the first public release. Project is also on

Posted by Austin Morgan 2009-10-06