#30 I can't get this to start


I followed the quick start guide, and did what it said, and then I double clicked PPF.bat to start PPF, and this screen is what I got (picture):



  • Cobra Choppergirl

    I want to get this python script below (run inside the BF2142 video game) to talk to PPF, to post to an IRC channel. That part I can do, get the python script to work.


    It's PPF that I can't seem to get running. Is it a problem with an unsupported version of Java on my system?

    Where is the link to download PPF with its own compatible Java system embedded?

    Thanks in Advance

  • Cobra Choppergirl

    I tried this again on a different machine, and got the exact same output in the picture.

    Obviously, it is not doing what it is suppose to be doing, because pressing a key at that error window, just caused it to terminate. Do I need some third party IRC client installed? I would think not, as PPF is suppose to act as the client, correct?

    I assumed what it was suppose to do, was start something of an IRC client subsystem, that would talk to an IRC server on your behalf, if you talked to PPF on a port it listened to (I assume, port 4300) with a program (in my case, a python script).


    I added the server I wanted to connect to in the Config dialog ("irc.uk.mibbit.net"), added the Channel I wanted to create ("CHOPPERGIRL's_AIRWAR"), and setup the nick I wanted it to use ("AIRWAR"). I then deleted all the other IRC servers, channels, and nicks from the list, as there seemed to be no way to checkbox which you wanted it to connect to, and which you didn't.


    A video would be in order, of what PPF is suppose to do when first run, as well as more documentation in the Quick Start Guide, that just leaves you hanging... as to what to do next.

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  • Dead Ed

    Dead Ed - 2014-04-02

    Hi, sorry for the delayed response ...

    The Jaiku plugin doesn't look like it is working out of the box. Disable that.
    Give a shout if that doesn't get you going.

  • Cobra Choppergirl

    Disabling Jaiku plugin worked, thanks!


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