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Updated kernel packages available.

At long last, new kernel packages based on latest RHL 9 2.4.20-30.9 kernel are available, fixing various security issues and bugs.

Posted by Panu Matilainen 2004-03-01

Initial RHL 9 packages available

ppdd4rhl package set ported to RHL 9 level. Please report any problems...

Posted by Panu Matilainen 2003-06-02

First round of RH8.0 RPMS

I've built + uploaded the same bits as were available for RH7.3 on RH8.0 too. They haven't seen much in the way of testing so usual precautions apply :) More stuff (mkinitrd + initscritps integration etc) to follow...

Posted by Panu Matilainen 2002-10-01

Files moved to file-release area etc

All the packages have been moved to Sourceforges file release system as requested by SF administrators - I was basically misusing the web-space to release the stuff (out of laziness I hadn't bothered to learn how to use the file-release system..)

Old 2.4.18-4 based kernels removed, unfortunately the new ones have been built on RH8.0 beta so at least the kernel-source rpm will complain about incorrect dependencies, completely unneededly :( I don't have a fresh RH7.3 box to rebuild the stuff on so it's not likely to be fixed anytime soon, sorry about that. If you want true RH7.3 kernel packages you'll need to roll your own from the provided kernel-2.4.18-10.ppdd.src.rpm.... read more

Posted by Panu Matilainen 2002-09-30

RPMS for Redhat 7.3 / take 1

The first cut of the promised RH7.3 RPMS are now available at http://ppdd4rhl.sourceforge.net/ until we get the details sorted out with Daniel wrt the Cryptux-project. They've seen only a cursory amount of testing so far but everything seems to be ok, some caution naturally recommended...

Some things to note:

- The crypto-stuff is statically linked to the kernel but ext3 is not, so for now it'll mean your root fs gets mounted only as ext2. Will be fixed when mkinitrd gets taught to generate suitable initrds for PPDD. The loop driver is thus also statically linked causing the kernel rpm installation to complain about all loop devices being in use (bogus warning) - just run mkinitrd afterwards and it'll work fine (that is, if you're not encrypting root too)
- To change initrd parameters (do you want checksumming & what's your real root device) there's a script named hkppddrd' in the ppdd-package, simply '/sbin/chkppddrd --real-root /dev/hda2' or whatever your root happens to be.
- At the moment there aren't any scripts to help with the actual
encrypting so once you have the packages installed and booted with the new kernel follow the PPDD documentation to do the rest.
- Initscripts haven't been done yet and the stock RH ones are not going to behave nicely on shutdown with encrypted root, I'll try to get those included RSN.... read more

Posted by Panu Matilainen 2002-06-03

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