PPCBoot-1.2.0 released

A new version of PPCBoot, labeled as PPCBOOT_1_2_0, is available on
the CVS and FTP servers.



The highlighs:

* The ARMBoot source tree has been merged back into common tree.
PPCBoot now includes support for ARM7, ARM9 and StrongARM processors.
Support for XScale, ColdFire, ... will be added soon.

* Many new boards supported: 440GP Ebony, BAB7xx, BCM56xx,
CPCI-440, ELPPC, EVB-64260-750CX, GEN860T, PN62, R360MPI,
UTX8245, dnp1110, ep7312, impa7, lart, shannon, smdk2400,
smdk2410, trab ...

* Simultaneous support for several ethernet interfaces (like SCC
and FEC on MPC860T, or redundand network cards on other systems)

* Enhanced PCI support

* Extensive Power On Self Test capabilities (for MPC8xx)

* Support for modem dial-in with password authorization

* Support to store environment variables in redundand flash sectors
(improved reliability)

Note 1:

This will be our ***LAST*** release of PPCBoot.

But don't worry: the development will be continued, just under a
new name: with support for ARM integrated, for XScale, ColdFire in
the works and even for x86 under discussion we feel it is inappro-
priate to continue calling our baby just "_PPC_Boot". The current
version will be used as a base to stabilize support for other
architectures, and the next release will be named

Das U-Boot

(The Universal Booter).


The current version does not compile for 3 boards (out of 104
tested!) - this is due to missing response of the respective board
maintainers. I'm sorry, but there is little I can do about this.


In case you have want to make contributions or complain about bugs:
please see the README for rules to contribute code and submit

Posted by Wolfgang Denk 2002-09-30

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