PPCBoot-1.1.4 released

A new version of PPCBoot, labeled as PPCBOOT_1_1_4, is available on
the CVS and FTP servers.

The most significant modifications are:

* Support for M-Systems Disk-On-Chip
* Support for QNX images
* Sandpoint8240 working

Many bugs and buglets have been fixed, and a lot of extensions has
been added.


* "hush" works; only one minor know problem: commands stored in an
environment variable must be executed using the "run" command;
simply typing "$variable" will not work as expected. [We're working
on a fix.]

WARNING: If you enable "hush" as command interpreter, you will have
to use a different syntax (shell) when accessing varables (i. e.
"$var" or "${var}" instead of "$(var)").

See the README for details.

Posted by Wolfgang Denk 2002-01-21

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