PPCBoot-1.1.3 released

A new version of PPCBoot, labeled as PPCBOOT_1_1_3, is available on
the CVS and FTP servers.

The most significant modifications are:

* renamed cpu/mpc74xx to cpu/74xx_7xx with the intention to get a
unified source tree (read: cpu/mpc75x will go away soon, too).
* a couple of new boards were added (DU405, evb64260, gw8260, MUSENKI)

Many bugs and buglets have been fixed, and alot of minor extensions
been added.


* The Sandpoint 8240 is mostly untested, althoug it's at least
compile-clean. If you find problems, please send me patches.

NOTE: we (DENX) are working on a clean version of PPCBoot for the
SP8240 - stay tuned...

* "hush" works (even better than it does in BusyBox), but still has a
problems with variable expansion. We (DENX) are working to fix

WARNING: If you enable "hush" as command interpreter, you will have
to use a different syntax (shell) when accessing varables (i. e.
"$var" or "${var}" instead of "$(var)"); also, all sequences of
commands that modify and access the same variable several times
will probably fail in the current version.

See the README for details.

Modifications for 1.1.3:

* Patch by Brad Kemp, 27 Dec 2001
Move board dependend config stuff from cpu/mpc8260/ether_fcc.c
to board config files; cleanup mess of CONFIG_ETHER_ON_* and
CONFIG_ETHER_USE_* definitions.

* Patch by Stefan Roese, 21 Dec 2001
- DU405 board added
- Minor changes to some ESD boards

* Patch by Josh Huber, 19 Dec 2001
- Renamed cpu/mpc74xx to cpu/74xx_7xx, added support for various
CPUs of those families.
- Added support for stack-in-cache trick for both those cpus and
the evb64260 board.
- Replaced code for sizing memory on the evb64260 to auto-configure
the SDRAM by reading the SPD chip w/i2c bus.
- Added a fairly bare bones i2c driver to the evb64260 board
- Added support for ECC memory to the evb64260 board
- Initial support for the new eval boards (and the 64260A chip)

* Patch by Oliver Brown, 17 Dec 2001
- accept CROSS_COMPILE setting from shell
- add support for gw8260 board
- add support for flash checksum
- add support for inclusion of BUILD_TAG into PPCBoot version string
- mpc8260/cpu_init.c: initialize data register before driving outputs

* Add support for AMX860 EDO RAM extension module

* Improved flash handling for FLAGADM board
Patch by Kri Davsson, 19 Dec 2001

* Make CPU clock measurement more accurate and repeatable.
Patch by Dave Ellis, 20 Dec 2001

* Make PPCBoot build in Cygwin environment
Patch by Davide Viti, 5 Dec 2001

* Add CFG_USE_OSCCLK option to handle OCSM clock mode problem on MBX8xx
(Based on email by Erik Theisen, 07 Dec 2001).

* Fix ethernet package corruption on EVB64260 board
Patch by Rich Ireland, 10 Dec 2001

* Add MUSENKI board; add some 8245 and 8241 related stuff.
Patch by Jim Thompson, 10 Dec 2001

* Better support for SBC8260 Board:
- allow compilation with DEBUG defined
- support configuration where ethernet is on the SCC
- add support for setting the last octect of the ethernet address
from the user definable dip switches (DS0-DS7)
Note: The SBC8260 PPCBoot can be used on the SBC8255. All that
needs to be done is to set the correct frequency.
Patch by Brad Kemp, 14 Dec 2001

* Configure PCMCIA support for FADS860 board
Patch by Jeremy Rosen, 07 Dec 2001

* Fix bug in CU824 flash driver


Posted by Wolfgang Denk 2001-12-28

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