On 10/10/06, Denis S. Otkidach <denis.otkidach@gmail.com> wrote:
> +        # XXX what a strange defaults?
> +        if tag=='all':
> +            default_tag_params = {'condition': ''}
> +        else:
> +            default_tag_params = {}

They are not strange. Tag "all" is used when transmitting from tag
"delete", and must lead to all items available for all other tags
(None, "edit", "delete" at least). To understand tag trasmission
better, just imaging that you have sections and docs by sections. If
you delete (in editor interface) section, you must wipe out files for
_all_ documents maked in this section, independently whether some of
either these files are not already published, or already deleted.
That's what tag "all" means. Since just dropping condition is what we
need in most cases (in fact I had never seen an exception from this
for SQLStream, but it's not true for others, e.g. FilteredStreams used
for optimization in some sites) it's hard-coded as default. Anyway,
you always have an option to define params for tag 'all' explicitly.

P.S. I believe some part of this text should be moved into comments.

Тогда каммить (please commit) :)