#7 Improve Panel Display


Kpowersave is a great product, but I feel it is lacking
tha ability to configure exactly what information is
displayed in the panel.

I would like to be able to display the 'percent
charged' amount (ex. 75%) beside the battery icon. So I
can see a graphical and textual representation of my
battery life at the same time.

Currently I have to hover over the battery icon to get
the tooltip, so I can see what percentage of battery
life I have left.

I would think that making this a configuration option
would be simple enough. You are already generating the
information for the tooltip. Simply allow that same
percentage number to be displayed beside the icon in
the panel.

Thanks for the consideration. Keep up the great work!



  • Danny Al-Gaaf

    Danny Al-Gaaf - 2006-07-08

    Logged In: YES

    There a some problems:

    1.) There is no space in the applet icon left to add such a
    information. The applet icon is 22x22 and full filled with
    the ac-plugin/battery fill state icon.

    2.) We don't want a second icon only to display the battery
    fill state as text.

    Do you have a proposal/example how we should/can do this
    (maybe a screenshot/picture)?

    Btw. We added in the last releases a detailed information
    dialog to show more information ... Is this maybe a
    solution for you?

  • Anonymous - 2006-07-12

    Logged In: YES

    I can certainly understand not having very much space in the
    applet icon, but I still would love to see KPowersave
    implement more robust display abilities.

    I am not ignorant to the fact that KPowersave is probably
    implemented in C++/Qt under KDE and that Ubuntu Gnome
    applets are probably written in Python/GTK+. The interface
    provided by each desktop environment (Gnome and KDE) and
    their respective GUI libraries (Qt and GTK) are drastically
    different and you probably think I am comparing apples to
    oranges with this request.

    I realize that KPowersave and the Ubuntu Gnome Battery
    Charge Monitor applet are implemented differently, but I
    would love to have the ability to make KPowersave display
    the information the same way that the Gnome Battery Charge
    Monitor does.

    Some features I like about Gnome Battery Charge Monitor:

    Compact View Option - Compact is very similar to
    KPowersave's default applet icon. The charge icon is
    displayed and a tool tip is used to display charge
    time/percentage values.

    Expanded View Option - Expanded view displays a larger
    battery with the fill amount representing the amount of
    charge in the batteries. Useful for those who want to see
    their charge at a glance, or possibly for the visually impaired.

    Show Time/Percentage - (***This is my favorite option***)
    You have the ability to display the charge time and
    percentage right beside the battery charge icon.

    Let me know.



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