CPU frequency

  • Torsten

    Torsten - 2006-03-23

    I downloaded yesterday KPowersave and with the help of this forum it runs, but i can only throttle my cpu until 1GHZ.
    My system is Kanotix 2006 Cebit-Preview (Debian Sid) and a Acer Aspire 5652 with Intel Core Duo T2300 (1,6GHz).

    Is there a chance to throttle more the cpu.
    Sorry for my english, but i wasn't really good in school in this supject.

    • Holger Macht

      Holger Macht - 2006-03-23

      No, 1GHZ is the minimum for this CPU. But don't worry, I have an even better feature for you ;-) When you install version 0.13.0 or above, you can do CPU hotplugging. That means powering down one core completely in a specific scheme. Look at the MAX_CPUS_ONLINE variable in /etc/powersave/scheme_powersave for example. Set it to "1" and everytime you are running on battery only one core is enabled.



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