kpowersave configuration bugs?

  • crono

    crono - 2006-11-14

    Hello, I'm having problems using kpowersave.
    1) When i navigate through the schemes options, the brightness changes even if the relative options are disabled.
    2) When i lower the lid (I have an Asus A6Tc laptop) the screen goes off by hardware. When i up the lid, the screen is blanked (or SOMETIMES it shows a big white X...) and i have to press a key... this doesn't happen when kpowersave is killed (so i think that powersaved is correctly configured). All the screensaver option are turned off in the kpowersave configuration...

    • crono

      crono - 2006-11-14

      Update about 2): it is like if kpowersave is adding an "xset dpms off"-like command somewhere when i lower the lid... without being instructed to.

      I can live with the problem 1), since i never open the configuration dialog... but i need to solve the 2) :\

      • crono

        crono - 2006-11-14

        ok found the problem...

        there is an "hidden" setting in the [General] section of the rc file:

        just switched it to "disable" :)

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2007-01-10

      1. Which version of KPowersave do you use?

      2. About your second point: The xset call in KPowersave was included because there are many machines wich not shutdown the screen under Linux in hardware. So we call the dpms off to force all machines to be sure that we save as much power as possible. You already found the releated config option to change this, but there will never be a config option in the GUI for this issue, since wake the screen up with a mouse or key is not really a problem.

      3. About your first point: I have to check this, but I need to know the version of KPowersave.


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