CPU frequency scaling fails after reboot

  • maetnix

    maetnix - 2007-03-16

    Hi there,

    first of all: thanks a lot for this great program, you just have to love it :)

    I've got one minor trouble with it, though. The frequency scaling for my CPU only works its magic right after I install kpowersave and run it for the first time. As soon as I restart the system, the option is no longer available to me via the GUI.

    I'm running it on Kubuntu edgy on a Vaio FS415S laptop with a Pentium M CPU.

    My best guess is I'm missing a dependency or rather a conflict with another package here. I tried to rid my system of all the other power management packages, but as I'm fairly new to Linux, I don't know if I caught them all. I did not remove powermgmt-base though, since it would have taken acpi-support with it and I suppose I need that for the ACPI functions to run, don't I?

    Anybody got hint for me on this?



    • Stefan Seyfried

      Stefan Seyfried - 2007-03-16

      This is probably a bug in HAL and whatever your distro uses to suspend. It is pretty unlikely that this is a bug in kpowersave, since it just uses HAL for cpu frequency scaling (unless you are using an old version, then it is using powersaved)

    • maetnix

      maetnix - 2007-03-16

      Thanks for the quick reply!

      I found that there's an outdated version of HAL in the Edgy repos, so I'll try to update HAL manually and will post afterwards.

      BTW, I'm running kpowersave 0.6.2 here.



    • maetnix

      maetnix - 2007-03-19


      well, I wasn't clever enough to get that new HAL version installed, or rather the PolicyKit package that you need for it.

      But still, while meddling around with my system, I discovered that I can re-enable the CPU frequency scaling within kpowersave after a reboot by restarting the powersaved daemon with

      sudo /etc/init.d/powersaved restart

      so basically, my problem is gone for good. If anybody could give me a hint on how to automate this procedure properly, that'd be awesome. I don't really now whether to put a corresponding shellscript into ~/.kde/Autostart or do that some other way.

      Am I right to assume here that the powersaved daemon has to be started _after_ kpowersave and this is the reason why the frequenca scaling failed for me?



    • maetnix

      maetnix - 2007-06-15

      Hi again,

      unfortunately, the workaround (sudo /etc/init.d/powersaved restart ) does not work anymore since either the update to kpowersave 0.7.2 or the dist-upgrade to Kubuntu 7.04. I'm sorry I can't pinpoint when it stopped working.

      So, again, I'd very much like to be able to have dynamic frequency scaling for my CPU, since it is getting especially hot these days.

      What's strange is if I boot my laptop running on battery, the dynamic switching works, but still a right-click on the kpowersave icon won't show the option to set the frequency modes. As soon as I plug the AC, it'll run on max. frequency all the time.

      It would be really great if someone could help me with this.

      My system: Sony Vaio FS415S, Kubuntu 7.04, Pentium M CPU, hal 0.5.9, kpowersave 0.7.2




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