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CPU frequency on a stationary PC

  • dagri

    dagri - 2006-07-08

    I have set the cpu freq to dynamic in powersave. Is it a way to monitor this frequency? It's pretty warm here in Oslo at the moment, and I want to keep the processorspeed as low as possible.

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2006-07-08

      You did not write which version of powersave you use, but you can click with left mouse button on the applet and a detailed information dialog should pop-up. This dialog also show you the current CPU Frequency. (If there is no dialog, update to the current KPowersave release).

      • dagri

        dagri - 2006-07-08

        No dialog appears. I have suse 9.3., which version of kpowersave should I download?


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