kpowersave and battery status problem

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2006-01-17


    I'm using kpowersave and battery status ist not up-to-date. It looks like that kpowersave checks battery status only when I restart powersaved. Using powersave -b I can see correct battery status all the time. Other kpowersave functions works fine.

    I'm using OpenSuse 10.1 and powersave packages included in Opensuse 10.1

    Thank you for any help.

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2006-01-17

      Yes we know this problems and it's already fixed in the actual KPowersave packages. But the fixed release was to late for the SUSE 10.1 Alpha 4.

      You could wait for the upcommig new SUSE 10.1 Beta 1 release (Jan 19 2006) or try the packages from the SUSE factory- repository (see or e.g. Please note: if you update from this source, you also need to update powersave.

    • ChevYou

      ChevYou - 2006-02-07

      I disagree.  I uninstalled my current powersave and kpowersave packages, rebooted the computer, and then reinstalled both packages from,
      and still I have the same problem as erkac.
      The battery state is being improperly reported

    • ChevYou

      ChevYou - 2006-02-07

      Edit from last message.
      This problem is temporarily fixed if I stop and restart the powersave daemon, but as soon as I reboot the problem returns

    • ChevYou

      ChevYou - 2006-02-27

      I gave up.  I found that the daemon works fine.  I'm not using an alternative to Kpowersave which is kthinkbat.  Not all the cool options, but it gives me what I need.  Something that tells me the percentage of juice I have left.

      Thanks for comin out!

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2006-02-28

      Please retry with packages from this should work. If not, write a mail to - it's easier than discuss this in this forum.

    • Peter Denno

      Peter Denno - 2008-04-05

      Sounds like this never got resolved??? I have the same problem using SLED 10 -- battery status isn't up-to-date. I first noticed it after experimenting with Xen on my Thinkpad. Xen changes the configuration of some power management things. So I think it may be a problem communicating information to kpowersave.

      I see that acpi --everything reports accurately what's going on.

      kthinkbat also works for me.


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