Elad Lahav - 2007-08-27

I have configured Kpowersave to suspend to RAM when the lid is closed. Unfortunately, this only works once after reboot: after resuming from suspend to RAM, the system will no longer respond to lid events. This is what I get, upon closing the lid, from lshal -m after reboot (correct behaviour):

14:50:45.160: computer_logicaldev_input_3 property button.state.value = true
14:50:45.190: computer_logicaldev_input_3 condition ButtonPressed = lid

Closing the lid after the system resumes from suspend to RAM:

14:51:58.798: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition
ButtonPressed = wake-up

This may or may not be related to Powersave, but I would appreciate any help.