paulomaia - 2006-01-31

well, after 1 hour of manual compilings i can't use neither suspend to ram nor standby options.
i have dbus,hal,powersaved,kpowersave,cpu_frequtils instaled and running, i've manualy set the specific variables to enable suspend to ram and standby (options appear in kpowersave menu) but when i use them nothing happens... let me refrase, when i tried standby my wireless device just went out of scope (i had to modprobe ipw2200 manualy again)... weird :D, with suspend to ram, nothing happened at all.

other than that seems to be running fine, oh another thing, kpowersave doesn't seem capable to show my actual cpu freq.

i'm using gentoo-2.6.15-r1 on a pentium m (dothan) 1.8, 1GB ram, wireless device -> ipw2200 (intel).

hal-> portage),
dbus->0.60-r3(from portage),
cpufrequtils->0.4(from portage),
acpid->1.0.4-r2(from portage).

any ideas?