adjusting brightness with 'powersave -k'

  • kohowski

    kohowski - 2008-01-12

    Having the following misunderstanding:

    > powersave -K
    Current brightness level: 2.
    > powersave -k 5
    Brightness level set to 5.     <--The brightness level aint really change, but powersave notifies me of the opposite.
    > powersave -K
    Current brightness level: 2.

    However, adjusting britness via KPowersave slider works fine.

    Should I execute powersave in another way? Or something else is wrong? Is there any limitation or conflict?

    openSUSE 10.3
    Asus X51RL

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2008-01-26

      Please report the problem to the Novell bugzilla ( since this is a openSUSE. It's easier to handle there.


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