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Slow hard disk on boot, after suspend2disk

  • Paolo Subiaco

    Paolo Subiaco - 2007-07-11

    Hi all.
    I've found that with recent kernel and IDE disks (parallel ATA) on x86 PC, the computer start loading the grub bootloader very very slowly when it was previously halted with suspend 2 disk.
    This behaviour does not occurr using kernel 2.6.17. I've tried 2.6.22, and it takes several seconds (10-12s) to start grub (very very slowly), then takes 3-4 seconds to load the kernel (very slowly), and finally it start loading the kernel at normal speed.
    I've tried with both SUSPEND2DISK_METHOD="kernel" and  SUSPEND2DISK_METHOD="uswsusp", and the problem remains.
    Should I change something in the kernel configuration, or in powersave daemon configuration?
    Thank you. Paolo

    • Paolo Subiaco

      Paolo Subiaco - 2007-07-11

      I've solved the slow disk problem recompiling the 2.6.22 kernel enabling
      Device Drivers -> ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support -> IDE ACPI support 

      Regards. Paolo

      • Paolo Subiaco

        Paolo Subiaco - 2007-07-14

        hmmm... no, I was wrong... I was not able to solved this problem.
        With 2.6.22 kernel, when I reboot or turn-on the PC, my IDE disk is very very very slow until kernel is load into memory (it takes 20-30 seconds to load grub boot loader and then load the kernel from the IDE disk).

        To avoid this very long time, I returned to 2.6.17 kernel version.
        Please let me know if you find a way to solve this problem with 2.6.22 kernel! Thank you. Paolo


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