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  • mongrel

    mongrel - 2006-02-27

    i'm running debian and i'd like to hand lid events. i'm making changes to the configuration files namely i changed the value for:


    and i added my custom script to /usr/lib/powersave/scripts but the change doesn't take. in fact the original value was "screensaver" and after changing it, and rebooting is still does a blank screen.

    for all information i find says modify /etc/sysconfig/powersave/events my system lacks /etc/sysconfig and the powersave configurations are in /etc/powersave.

    basically i feel like the daemon has can not read the configuration and therefor sets everything to the default value.

    • Holger Macht

      Holger Macht - 2006-02-28

      Please note that if kpowersave is running, it cares about screenlocking.

      If powersaved could not read the configuration, it definitely would complain in /var/log/messages.

      We know that the documentation still contains some hardcoded paths and we are currently working on removing all those occurences. We also currently working on a general documentation cleanup.

      Please try to use the example event script /usr/share/doc/packages/powersave/contrib/example_event_script (or wherever it got installed) as a template in case of a wrong script. If this does not help, please post your custom event script.



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