System hangs on restart

  • nordpol

    nordpol - 2006-07-23


    I just installed powersaved on my Debian testing system. My kernel supports suspend to disk via swsusp, and it used to work (and still works) fine if I suspend the system using the "hibernate" command. If
    I try to suspend it with powersave, however, the system will suspend as usual. During the reboot, however, it will at some point display

    Restarting tasks...

    and at that point, it hangs. Not even the "magic SysRq keys" work any more.

    I already tried to copy the modules blacklist from hibernate, but it did not help.

    Unfortunately, the system hangs before it can write to any log files. FYI, I attached the

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


    $ cat /var/log/suspend2disk.log

    suspend2disk initiated: 2006-07-23 02:15:51
    Debug info follows here, please include in your bug reports. Thanks.
    Loaded modules:
    Module                  Size  Used by
    cpufreq_ondemand        5276  1
    cpufreq_userspace       3672  0
    powernow_k7             7144  0
    rfcomm                 34328  1
    l2cap                  20484  5 rfcomm
    bluetooth              41572  4 rfcomm,l2cap
    ntfs                  222864  0
    nls_base                6272  1 ntfs
    eth1394                17608  0
    pcmcia                 25560  0
    firmware_class          8128  1 pcmcia
    8139cp                 17024  0
    ide_cd                 38148  0
    8139too                22272  0
    rtc                     9908  0
    crc32                   3968  3 pcmcia,8139cp,8139too
    cdrom                  37920  1 ide_cd
    yenta_socket           25356  2
    rsrc_nonstatic         11840  1 yenta_socket
    pcmcia_core            36112  3 pcmcia,yenta_socket,rsrc_nonstatic
    via_agp                 7936  1
    shpchp                 43584  0
    pci_hotplug            24628  1 shpchp
    parport_pc             26756  0
    parport                20416  1 parport_pc
    ohci1394               31988  0
    ieee1394               90232  2 eth1394,ohci1394
    floppy                 57348  0
    8250_pnp                8320  0
    8250                   19924  1 8250_pnp
    serial_core            17536  1 8250

    Memory info:
                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:        516080     160380     355700          0      29704      75928
    -/+ buffers/cache:      54748     461332
    Swap:       489940          0     489940

    /proc/cmdline: BOOT_IMAGE=Linux-2.6.15 ro root=305 resume=/dev/hda7
    ========we are going to sleep, preparing.========
    no kernelfile matching the running kernel found
    running kernel: '2.6.15', (probably) booting kernel: '2.6.15'
    == checking runlevel ==
      no shutdown/reboot in progress, good.
    == Unmounting FAT/NTFS filesystems: ==
      none found in /etc/mtab
    == FAT/NTFS filesystems unmounted ==
    Stopping services: ('slmodemd irda upsd apcupsd' configured)
    stopping slmodemd:
    ##  /usr/lib/powersave/scripts//sleep_helper_functions: line 372: /etc/init.d/slmodemd: No such file or directory
    stopping irda:
    ##  /usr/lib/powersave/scripts//sleep_helper_functions: line 372: /etc/init.d/irda: No such file or directory
    stopping upsd:
    ##  /usr/lib/powersave/scripts//sleep_helper_functions: line 372: /etc/init.d/upsd: No such file or directory
    stopping apcupsd:
    ##  /usr/lib/powersave/scripts//sleep_helper_functions: line 372: /etc/init.d/apcupsd: No such file or directory

    Unloading modules: ('usb_storage sbp2 ohci_hcd uhci_hcd stir4200 ohci1394 ipw2200 rt2500 prism54 ath_pci r8169 lt_modem Intel536 Intel537 ndiswrapper' configured)
    checking usb_storage
    checking sbp2
    checking ohci_hcd
    checking uhci_hcd
    checking stir4200
    checking ohci1394
    # trying to unload: ohci1394
    unloaded: ohci1394
    checking ipw2200
    checking rt2500
    checking prism54
    checking ath_pci
    checking r8169
    checking lt_modem
    checking Intel536
    checking Intel537
    checking ndiswrapper
    prepare_sleep finished for suspend2disk

    • Stefan Seyfried

      Stefan Seyfried - 2006-07-24

      i had similar reports and am quite sure this is not a powersave but a kernel/driver bug.
      The interesting thing is that it works for you with hibernate.
      Can you determine the list of modules unloaded by hibernate (i seem to remember there is some "unload everything that is possible to unload" logic in hibernate, but am not sure)?
      Anyway, this _should_ be fixed in the drivers and the kernel in general, so reporting this to acpi-devel and/or linux-kernel is probably the best bet.

      Further discussion should take place on the powersave-devel mailinglist since it is just much less painful to use than those stupid web forums (if you do not want to subscribe, i can whitelist you for posting :-)


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