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  • Karthik Paithankar

    Could any one highlight me how to make the tooltip in kpowersave permanent? I would like to know what is the speed of the CPU constantly (for ever)...

    I know a bit of C, C++ and if you can highlight where in the code/file name I have to make changes for the same...

    Many thanks...

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2005-02-23

      There is IMHO no way to enable a QToolTip permanent.

      But If you take a look to the code documentation (maybe take a look at the CVS on we plan to implement a interface to superkaramba in the future.

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2005-05-12

      Maybe a other way:

      Use in void kpowersave::updateTooltip() a KPassivePopup (without timeout) instead of the Tooltip. We think about a way make this configureable for the use, maybe for one of the next KPowersave development release.

      • Karthik Paithankar

        I managed to find out that displaying CPU speed permanently can be achieved better by XOSD library.

        Sorry for changing the scope of my question. I think it would be preferable to make some iconic representation regarding "Processor speed or Selected scheme" next to the battery icons.

        Many thanks

    • Danny Al-Gaaf

      Danny Al-Gaaf - 2005-05-26

      I think, there is not enough space for "... representation regarding "Processor speed or Selected scheme" next to the battery icons. .." But I plan to test if it make sense to add a configurable OSD to kpowersave.

      • Karthik Paithankar

        I am not sure if you understood exactly what I meant (or if I made it clear). I mean just putting a icon of a "sun" if it run at max. speed and icon of moon for "slowest speed"....

        or an upward arrow for high speed
        downward arrow for lowest speed
        and a <> for middle freq.

        Best regards and many thanks....

        • Danny Al-Gaaf

          Danny Al-Gaaf - 2005-05-27

          Yes, I understood your idea, but I think there is not enough space to display this at the current icon. The only chance I see is replace the current icon thorugh your proposal and lost information about current AC and battery status.

          Do you have an idea to combine both sides without to make the current icon "ugly"?

    • Raphael SALSON

      Raphael SALSON - 2005-08-21

      for kde, there is smthg called kcpuspeed that displays current cpu speed (as in cpuinfo). it's easy to tweak to display othr stuffs as well.


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