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PowerMops 6.1 Released

Download page:

PowerMops Mach-O 64Bit, Mach-O 32bit, CFM 32bit,
QuickEdit 6.3a
All source code of PowerMops
Few demos

How to Install:
Double click "PowerMops61.dmg" to mount the disk image.
Drag the folder "PowerMops 6.1" in the image and drop it into any folder to install PowerMops in.

If you are new to PowerMops, double click "Open Me First" to open it with QuickEdit.
The file contains release notes, too.

Posted by Nao 2007-07-07

PowerMops version 6.0 released

Four PowerMops applicaiton bundles, CFM 64-Bit, Mach-O 64-Bit, CFM 32-Bit, and Mach-O 32-Bit.
QuickEdit v. 6.0.
All source code files.
Few demos.

Expand the ZIP archive by BOMArchiveHelper.

If you are new to PowerMops, first of all, double click 'Open Me First' file to open.

Posted by Nao 2006-06-25

new mailing lists

Two new mailing lists are now online and available to everyone to use: PowerMops-BETA and PowerMops-USERS.

The former is a replacement for the list that was hosted on the old website. The latter is an entirely new list intended for more general discussion.

Posted by Arthur 2005-11-19