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Poweradmin resurrected!

Poweradmin has been a dead project for nearly two years. Personaly, I liked the project a lot, but too many features were missing. Some months ago I started working on getting Poweradmin back to life and start working on adding new features and rewriting others.

Two weeks ago a brand new version was released: 2.0.0. You are welcome to take a look at the website of the Poweradmin project:

https://www.poweradmin.org... read more

Posted by Rejo Zenger 2008-04-22

Bug In PowerAdmin 1.2.6, fixed in 1.2.7

Due to a lack of testing and wanting to a fix a bug a bugfix actually created a new bug. Its ought to be fixed now. If anyone encounter different bugs, feel free to email me at trancer <@> poweradmin <.> org.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-05-14

PowerAdmin 1.2.6 released, update recommended

There were some serious bugs in the software in the edit_record.php and edit.php files. These are overcome now. It is recommended to update!

Further notices are that the password change was fixed (minimum pass of 4 tokens required). Another bug that was fixed was in the del_record function. It didnt increment the SOA serial, now it does.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-05-10

PowerAdmin 1.2.5

Nothing exciting in this released. Two bugs were fixed. First one was the SOA incrementation after adding a record which wasnt done. Second bug was that people could see other peoples records in a search (which you dont want obviously).

Its quite late that these bug fixes are released. Sorry from my side, currently quite busy.

PowerAdmin 2.0 is under development at the moment of speaking. Its going to be a LOT better than the 1.x series. Most stuff is totally recoded and checked a few times before being finished. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-05-04

1.2.4 Released!

Finally, after a long time you hear from us again. The last time we have been pretty busy (especially I was) but ok the new PowerAdmin is here. It contains HEAPLOADS of bug fixes and a new search record gimmick! Try it, you will like it! Further more the SOA updating now is there, great for the bind users who need to update their serial after each modification.
Master slave compability is sort off there, it might seriously blow up because it isnt tested a lot yet. Use it with care I would say! If you did test it and it works ok: I would like to hear from you! One thing that is missing is the setting of the master if you are running as slave, that will be done in time. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-25

1.2.4 coming up soon

due to a lack of time 1.2.4 is a bit behind 'schedule', I am currently working on it again, it will support some nice features including MASTER/SLAVE functionality! Be patient :)

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-25

Release of PowerAdmin 1.2.3

this version of PowerAdmin has a few big bug fixes in edit.php, also the migrator became smarter, it wont collide with your existing domains in the table anymore.

- There were some sloppy problems with the edit.php page, you couldnt add users if no one owned the domain.
- install.php was totally cleaned up by our PowerAdmin member: Lyon, welcome!
- migrator.php-pa was cleaned up.
- the toolkit had some small modifications, nothing for the userside.
- the footer was lacking checks if you had no config yet, it has those now.
- test_setup.php got a bit more logic, thanks for the bug commits!... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-09

PowerAdmin 1.2.2 out and new team member!

First of all we released PowerAdmin 1.2.2, after having some initial probs with 1.2.0 and some bug fixes on 1.2.1, this version is pretty stable.

A new team member got added this week, we welcome Lyon to the team and hope we will have a good time developing with him.

His contributions will be mostly on the php side, not on the DNS area.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-07

IRC #PowerAdmin

We are currently active on the channel #poweradmin on IRCNet, if you have questions etc. Go there, we might help you (if we are alive).

Do remember we are in GMT+1 so our sleeptime differs from the American Times :)

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-16

Release of version 1.1.2

Small bugfixes including some stupid ones. (Some were CVS only)

Bug fixed for MBOXFW records
Edit TTL bug fixed

If you have more bugs: commit them please!

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-16

Release of version 1.1

Version 1.1 was released a few minutes ago.
Major improvements are there and we really recommend you to start using the new version.

Key changes are the database independency and the whole validation of DNS records.

Also more user friendly errors are being used and the whole project was split up so it is more readable. If you have any 'fixes' or addings feel free to send them our way!

Enjoy release 1.1

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-14

Posting of feature requests or bugs

Feel free to post any, we will review them all

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-27

Release of version 1.0

The first release of PowerAdmin is now public! Feel free to download it and please report any bugs you can find!

Enjoy PowerAdmin

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-21

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