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PKIX in Python

Things have been a bit quiet for the last 6 months but in between a couple of serious personal issues, I have been working out problems - the ones I consider most important for implementing secure services in Python. SSL addresses security(cryptography) and authentication but the mechanisms for managing authentication are limited by you ability to manage X509, CRLs and so on. This release set out to resolve some immediate issues, the encoding and decoding of these structures. POW.pkix includes a flexible DER coding library and definitions for X509v3, CRL and many extension objects written purely in Python.

Posted by Peter Shannon 2002-09-18

POW 0.6 release

I'm pleased to release this package which has been waiting for well over a month for me to complete a new test script. It includes several minor bug fixes and one fix for a major problem with CRLs.

Several important new features have also made it into this release including SSL client verification, certificate chain verification, along with some more minor stuff.

Posted by Peter Shannon 2001-11-20

Python OpenSSL Wrappers: Initial Public Release

Well at last ladies an gentlemen I a pleased to announce the first public release of POW was made last night and is available for download now.

Well as somebody famous once said, I believe, after spending all night fixing documentation problems and working out exactly how distutils(cool package) is supposed to be used, on the 7 day he rested.

Posted by Peter Shannon 2001-09-12