#1 Allow insert of operations in record


It would be nice to allow new operations to be inserted
into the recorded stream via a popup window. To
support this, whenever the main frame is active, no
events should be recorded, and no time should be kept.
That is, the frame being tested should be suspended.
Then, a popup handler would need to be created with
some way to add items to it.

Then, some specific items that could be added to the
popup would include:
1) Include a sub-script
2) Start/stop recording mouse movements
3) Perform assertion checking (I actually have another
alternative to this that I like better, but simple
assertions here might be nice.)
4) Perform a call to a specific method/class.
5) Start/stop recording, but DONT start/stop the frame.
6) Create a second window


  • Matthew Pekar

    Matthew Pekar - 2002-09-20

    Logged In: YES

    I do agree that a pause feature would be useful. Currently, you can add
    some assertions by menu-clicking on the script (but not during


    be interested in hearing what your alternative to assertions is.

    1) I
    do not intend to support an "insert subscript" function, unless you can
    make a very good argument for it. :)
    2) This is where pause would come
    in handy. You could pause and then edit preferences to start/stop
    recording mouse movements. A good idea.
    3) See link above
    How would this be used? It seems like it would be very difficult to support. I
    would have to create a whole system for creating arguments and calling
    5) This is the same as pause right?
    6) Can you explain
    this further?

    BTW, I appreciate your feature requests. They've
    presented some testing situations I hadn't considered before.

  • Matthew Pekar

    Matthew Pekar - 2002-09-20
    • milestone: --> Next_Release_(example)
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nimdok
  • Matthew Pekar

    Matthew Pekar - 2002-09-30
    • status: open --> closed

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