June 2014 Project of the Month Vote

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  • Anonymous - 2014-05-30

    The candidates for SourceForge Project of the Month for June 2014 are:

    Shortname Full name
    conemu ConEmu - Windows console with tabs
    clamav Clam AntiVirus
    hugin Hugin
    sacddecoder Super Audio CD Decoder
    kxstudio KXStudio
    freeplane Freeplane
    tcpdf TCPDF - PHP class for PDF
    xviservicethief xVideoServiceThief
    gretl gretl

    See the SourceForge blog for a full description of each candidate.


    To vote, comment on this thread with the first line in the following format:

    VOTE: shortname

    Subsequent lines, and any messages that do not start with VOTE will be ignored by our tallying script. We encourage you to give your rationale for why you voted the way you did.

    Only the newest vote per user will be counted. Votes will be accepted until 2014-06-09, 12:00 UTC. Votes submitted, or edited after that point will be ignored. See our wiki for a full list of voting instructions and rules.



    Wiki: voting instructions and rules

    • frogstory

      frogstory - 2014-05-30

      VOTE: freeplane

      • fbehrens

        fbehrens - 2014-06-07
      • jokro

        jokro - 2014-06-13

        VOTE: freeplane

    • sg_

      sg_ - 2014-05-31

      VOTE: conemu

      ConEmu makes it possible for me to use Windows; a great part of my life is spent inside ConEmu. I primarily use two tabs, one running bash and the other running Vim. I work as a developer of C/C++ code, and ConEmu (and Vim) enables me to develop, compile, and run code effortlessly. The colors in console Vim inside ConEmu are much better than in the GUI gvim! The Author of ConEmu is very good at maintaining it and continuing to grow it. He has a good set-up for reporting bugs or requesting features, and is accessible on his email forum. As an illustration of his attitude toward his product ConEmu, even though he himself does not use Vim, he is attentive to requests from users of ConEmu who wish to run Vim inside ConEmu.

    • akatsuki

      akatsuki - 2014-05-31

      VOTE: freeplane

    • Dawid Ferenczy

      Dawid Ferenczy - 2014-05-31

      VOTE: conemu

    • theworldbright

      theworldbright - 2014-06-01

      VOTE: freeplane

    • GizMoCuz

      GizMoCuz - 2014-06-01

      VOTE: domoticz

    • John Hutchinson

      John Hutchinson - 2014-06-01

      VOTE: freeplane

    • Miguel Boyer

      Miguel Boyer - 2014-06-02

      VOTE: freeplane
      It has changed my life as a tool for writing long documents. Now I manage structure amazingly. It should become sort of THE main software for word processing in the world. Not to mention ToDo lists and sorting information for long periods of time. It's usability is unmatched. Extremely flexible and fast. The only thing I would improve is the inline editing of nodes, because it is not up to date with conventional word processors. The rest is just perfect. When I write I feel I have no limitations with this infinite plane and it's infinite levels of sub-nodes.

    • Pascal VAUTROT

      Pascal VAUTROT - 2014-06-02

      VOTE: freeplane

    • H. Heine

      H. Heine - 2014-06-02

      VOTE: freeplane

    • koortzjg

      koortzjg - 2014-06-02

      VOTE: freeplane

    • pyves

      pyves - 2014-06-03

      VOTE: freeplane

    • honeybadger

      honeybadger - 2014-06-03

      VOTE: freeplane

    • IvanXXL

      IvanXXL - 2014-06-03


    • andres

      andres - 2014-06-03

      VOTE: freeplane

    • DimmY

      DimmY - 2014-06-03

      VOTE: conemu

    • Viatcheslav Nesterov

      vote: gretl

    • Roger Pack

      Roger Pack - 2014-06-03

      VOTE: conemu

      bringing sanity to the windows cmd world since 200x

    • Ignacio Burgueño

      VOTE: conemu

    • Outspoken2

      Outspoken2 - 2014-06-04

      VOTE: conemu

    • Иван Егоров

      VOTE: conemu

      Last edit: Иван Егоров 2014-06-04
    • DonChunior

      DonChunior - 2014-06-04

      VOTE: freeplane

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