September 2015 Community Choice Project of the Month Vote

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  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth - 2015-07-15

    The candidates for SourceForge Project of the Month for September 2015 are:

    Shortname Project Name
    usm Unified Slackware package manager
    kmeleon Web browser based on the Gecko engine
    lxle A full featured, lightweight Linux OS for aging PCs
    gnuplot A portable, multi-platform, command-line driven graphing utility
    nas4free Embedded Storage distribution for Windows, Mac, & UNIX-like systems
    pseint Pseudo-code interpreter for Spanish-Speaking programming students
    parrotsecurity Pentesting OS for security, anonymity, and cryptography
    antix-linux Lightweight Linux CD distro based on Deb testing for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems
    naps2 A simple and easy document scanning application

    See the SourceForge blog for a full description of each candidate.

    To vote, comment on this thread with the first line in the following format:

    VOTE: shortname

    Subsequent lines, and any messages that do not start with VOTE will be ignored by our tallying script. We encourage you to give your rationale for why you voted the way you did.

    Only the newest vote per user will be counted. Votes will be accepted until 2015-08-15, 12:00 UTC. Votes submitted, or edited after that point will be ignored. See our wiki for a full list of voting instructions and rules.



    Wiki: voting instructions and rules

    Last edit: SourceForge Editorial Staff 2015-07-16
    • Stefan Duffner

      Stefan Duffner - 2015-07-23

      VOTE: gnuplot

    • TCT

      TCT - 2015-07-23

      VOTE: gnuplot

    • evilqa

      evilqa - 2015-07-24

      VOTE: pseint

    • Carlos Gonzalez Quintero

      VOTE: pseint
      Excelente aplicación tanto para estudiantes como docentes,

    • pabab

      pabab - 2015-08-14

      VOTE: pseint

    • Patricia Medina García

      VOTE: pseint

  • anticapitalista

    anticapitalista - 2015-07-16

    VOTE: antix-linux

  • john werneken

    john werneken - 2015-07-22

    VOTE: kmeleon

  • NoseyNick

    NoseyNick - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: gnuplot

    Sure, it's kinda showing its age a bit, there's plenty of other pretty zoomy scrolly AJAXy web2.0 graphing engines out there, but for those times when you just want a no-nonsense PNG plot from 12 columns of raw CSV data, or a few formulae, and again as a log-plot, then a histogram, or a scattergram and a few best-fit lines, or all of the above on one set of axes, OK now in 3D... try as hard as you like, you just can't beat gnuplot. It just gets the job done with a few lines of config, or has a mind-blowing number of config / parsing / input / output / plotting options to tweak if you really want to make it look "just right". Takes the unix "do one job, and do it well" mantra to the illogical extreme. Sometimes I look forward to the day I can finally say goodbye to gnuplot, but in the meantime it's one of those utterly essential tools I just can't work without, y'know, like air.

  • Branden Archer

    Branden Archer - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: gnuplot

  • Mathieu Boucher

    Mathieu Boucher - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: gnuplot

  • Martin Habets

    Martin Habets - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: gnuplot

  • Wouter

    Wouter - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: gnuplot

  • Compsystems

    Compsystems - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: pseint

  • Vern

    Vern - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: gnuplot

  • Zaskar

    Zaskar - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: pseint

  • Gaston Martini

    Gaston Martini - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: gnuplot

  • Santiago Debus

    Santiago Debus - 2015-07-23

    VOTE: pseint

  • alejandrocaro

    alejandrocaro - 2015-07-26

    VOTE: pseint

  • CienciaAlPoder

    CienciaAlPoder - 2015-07-26

    VOTE: pseint

    It's powerful and versatile. I was impressed how one can edit the pseudocode schema graphically.

  • EuzkoArima

    EuzkoArima - 2015-07-27

    VOTE: pseint

  • Günter Fuchs

    Günter Fuchs - 2015-07-29

    VOTE: pseint

  • desga2

    desga2 - 2015-07-30

    VOTE: kmeleon

  • Eduardo Mayorga

    Eduardo Mayorga - 2015-08-11

    VOTE: naps2

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