October 2014 Project of the Month Vote

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth - 2014-09-02

    The candidates for SourceForge Project of the Month for October 2014 are:

    Shortname Full name
    aresgalaxy P2P BitTorrent file sharing client
    portableapps Portable software solution
    turnkeylinux TurnKey software solutions
    smplayer Media player for Windows and Linux
    sevenzip High compression file archiver
    wurfl Wireless Universal Resource File
    clamav GPL antivirus toolkit for UNIX
    octave GNU Octave Packages
    mpc-hc Media player for Windows

    See the SourceForge blog for a full description of each candidate.


    To vote, comment on this thread with the first line in the following format:

    VOTE: shortname

    Subsequent lines, and any messages that do not start with VOTE will be ignored by our tallying script. We encourage you to give your rationale for why you voted the way you did.

    Only the newest vote per user will be counted. Votes will be accepted until 2014-09-24, 12:00 UTC. Votes submitted, or edited after that point will be ignored. See our wiki for a full list of voting instructions and rules.



    Wiki: voting instructions and rules

    • txt.file

      txt.file - 2014-09-17

      VOTE: octave

    • kludikovsky

      kludikovsky - 2014-09-22

      VOTE: sevenzip

  • Alexander Luberg

    VOTE: smplayer

  • dude4linux

    dude4linux - 2014-09-15

    VOTE: turnkeylinux

  • Giorgio Tani

    Giorgio Tani - 2014-09-18

    VOTE: sevenzip

  • p98

    p98 - 2014-09-19

    VOTE: portableapps

  • supermudkip2

    supermudkip2 - 2014-09-19

    VOTE: turnkeylinux

  • mrdoraemon1996

    mrdoraemon1996 - 2014-09-21

    VOTE: mpc-hc

  • Gaston Martini

    Gaston Martini - 2014-09-22

    VOTE: portableapps

  • Joël Krähemann

    VOTE: octave

  • Dave Burns

    Dave Burns - 2014-09-24

    VOTE: sevenzip

  • premkumar bhaskal

    VOTE: sevenzip

  • Jürgen Kahrs

    Jürgen Kahrs - 2014-10-29

    VOTE: nsis


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